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Built by one of the foremost experts inthe development of SWB Quattros in the market todayForged 2.2-litre, 5-cylinder Porsche Development RS2 ADU engineRunning at low boost to around 500bhp but potentially rated up to1,000bhpO1E six-speed manual gearbox with sequential shifter. Absolutely massive specFIA-approved safety equipment (8-point cage, fuel cell, harnesses, extinguishers etc)Correct 'HB Audi Team' period livery with hand-painted sponsor graphicsFull MSA Papers for Time Attack, Hill Climbs, Sprints, Festival of Speed, Race Retro etcThis is a very accurate re-creation and will do, pretty well, everything that the original couldTheoriginalAudi Sport Quattro S1 E2was introduced at the end of 1985 as adevelopment of theSport Quattro S1andfeatured an inline 5-cylinder enginethat displaced 2,110cc and generated an officially quoted power output figure of 473bhp.The turbocharger utiliseda recirculating air system allowingthe engine to resume full power immediately after the resumption of full throttle, reducingturbo lag considerably.In addition to the improved power output, an aggressive aerodynamic kit was added that featured very distinctive wings and spoilers at the front and rearand thecar's weight was reduced to 1,090kg.TheEvo 2made its debut at the 1985 Rally Argentina, withStigBlomqvist drivingand the car enjoyed much success onthe rally circuit, withWalterRhrl, Christian Geistdrferand later Michle Mouton.The S1 E2 would become the finalGroup Bcar produced by Audi, with the works team withdrawing from the Championship following the1986rally in Portugal.In the world of rallying, those years represent the golden era.Group B took the World Rally Championship and turned it on its head. In a matter of just a few short years, factory-backed cars doubled their power output and were packed full of cutting edge technology and exotic components. Many people likened them to Formula 1 cars for the gravel, and that wasnt far from the truth. But they were too fast and ultimately too dangerous, which is why we will, unfortunately, never see anything like Group B in the WRC ever again.However, there will always be enthusiasts who would love to own a mid-eighties Group B car but with such small numbers of competition cars built during the heyday, owning a properWorks-spec machine is a privilege that only a few can enjoy. Most surviving cars are in collectors hands and subsequently dont come up for sale very often and when they do theres the small matter of price, which is anything but. So what to do if you crave a slice of Group B, but cant lay your hands on the real thing? The answer may well be here.The car we are presenting here is one mans tribute to these sporting icons. Blending the front end of an Audi 80 Saloon and a Coupe back end, in exactly the same way as theoriginals, our vendor's engineersset about buildinga usable re-creation of an SWB Quattro for time attack, hill climbs and sprints. With an outstanding reputation for his knowledge of all things Audi of the period, he set about creating this masterpiece.The power unit is a fully forged, 2.2-litre, 5-cylinder Porsche Development RS2 ADU engine fitted with JE pistons, Jamo Rods, Race-King shells, ARP Crank and Head bolts, Race Cams, ported and flowed CNC head, a solid engine cover, and an Auto-Verdi dry-sump set up.It has an S1 Borg Warner Turbo with a large intercooler, modified intake manifold, twin Bosch 044 pumps, a custom Swedish Header and all lines areAeroquipped.Freshcambelts and new gaskets throughout. Engine management is by Maxx Sport and, even running at low boost, will produce 500bhp. The engine was tuned and set-up by the legendary KeithEdwards who believes that it might be possible to take it up to 1,000bhp safely.The gearbox is a 01E 6-speed manual with a sequential shifter anda quick-release 90mm single piece prop shaft. The car is fitted with sold-mounted subframes with solid top-mounts, KW Coil-overs, Group Btubular T45 rose-jointed lower arms with poly bushes, poly-bushed roll-bars front and rear, S2 5x112 Hub Carriers, RS2 drive shafts, big brakes and Compomotive 16x9 S1 wheels wearing Hankook FIA slicks.The accuracy in replicating the original cars continues inside with the correct S1 dashboard with period VDO gauges, an internal electric steering pump supporting the quick rack, and hydraulic pedals with brake bias.In terms of motorsport legality, we understand that the FIA approved fitments within the car include the 8-point roll cage, ATL Fuel Cell, Sparco seats (2024), harnesses (2023), harness anchor plates, isolator, 4mm glass, Lifeline 4.5 extinguisher system (fourunder dash and fourin the engine compartment) and an FIA approved hand-held extinguisher which is still in-date. The sixbig Bosch spotlights at the front, the H4 main beams and the smoked rear light lensesare all original.The car's builderscarefully researched the original'sexternal presentation and were keen to exactly replicate the look of the HB Audi Team cars from 1985. Although the HB Cigarettes decals and stickers were still available, every other sponsor and team logo had to be painted by hand, matching the colours and size, a laborious and expensive process but ultimately worth it.The Audi has an MOT (on road tyres) so, if required, could be driven to events and the newly issued MSA Passport is valid for sprints, hill-climbs, club rallies, the Festival of Speed etc.This is the best replication of a serious Group Bcar that we have seen. It's a fire-breathing monster that spits and bangs just like they used to andthe ground vibratesto the extent that you could measure it on the Richter Scale and your internal organs threaten to fall offtheir hangers. Completely addictive.mediumVideo of the 1987 Audi Quattro S1 Evo 2

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