1981 Audi Quattro


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    Original condition
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Sold new on 11/12/1981 to Istituto Lombardo leasing of Mantova with registration MN331723.

11/5/1984 sold to Deni Cler spa in Castelluccio.

21/5/1985 sold to Mr. Fausto Rossi from Castel D'ario (Tazio Nuvolari village) for the sum of 5 Milion of Italian Lire.

09/03/1987 sold to Mr Taddei Franco from Quattro Castella close to Reggio Emilia, with a new registration RE 510181 (which is the same today after 33 years), for the sum of 20.500.000 of Italian Lire.

06/11/1996 sold to Mr Corradini Andrea from Reggio Emilia.

17/10/1997 sold to Mr Lavezzo Luca from Pontecchio Polesine Rovigo.

02/11/2016 sold to Mr. Gregnanin Arrigo from Adria.

29/11/2019 sold to Mr. Tomiato Enrico from Rovigo.

The model 1981 is today elegible for the Montecarlo Historic Rally.

The car is in overall good condition, it needs some details and it will be perfected to be tuned for the race .

This coupe GT has Original silver metallic and its original wheels.