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    32 131 mi / 51 710 km
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    Rolls Royce Peacock Blue
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    Magnolia 3997
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    United Kingdom
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model history

Having secured a majority shareholding in Aston Martin in 1987, the Ford Motor Company sought to update the main V8 model line-up for the 1990s after almost 20 years of production. The new 5.3L Virage began to be delivered in early 1989, but it was not until 1992 that Aston released the V8 Vantage, the company’s flagship offering.

With the addition of a pair of Eaton superchargers to the 5.4L V8, the car was capable of producing 550bhp at 6,500rpm making it the world’s most powerful production car. The bodywork was extensively restyled with flared arches, aluminium panels and upgraded ventilated discs were installed in each corner to aid stopping the almost two tonne car. It was not until 1998 that the factory prepared V600 driving package upgrade became available.

The V600 was not a specific model but rather a collection of modifications developed and fitted by Aston Martin Works for the Vantage offered for new and existing cars. An uprated charge air cooling system and bigger bore sports exhaust allowed the engine to produce 600bhp at 6,500rpm and a staggering 813Nm of torque at 4,400rpm.

Other modifications included a close ratio 5 speed manual transmission, traction control, revised AP grooved brake discs to reduce brake fade, hollow spoke magnesium rims and reworked suspension with stiffer springs and adjustable Koni dampers. This engine was the final and ultimate version of Tadek Marek’s V8 design that originated in 1968 and was capable or propelling the Vantage to over 200mph.

It is impossible to know exact production numbers but it is commonly agreed to be between 80 and 100 cars to the V600 specification.

this car

This Vantage was first supplied by Aston Martin Sevenoaks in November 1996, remaining in the United Kingdom ever since. The car has had a succession of seven owners since new, all of which are documented on file. The car has a full service and MOT history, its original owner’s handbook and Certificate of Ownership which details the high level of care and maintenance that the car received with Aston Martin Works directly and subsequently with marque specialists Nicholas Mee & Co.

Chassis 70120 was modified to V600 specification in August 1999 at a recorded mileage of 4,000 miles. The speedometer and other gauges were upgraded in July 2001 at a recorded mileage of 13,264 miles, meaning that the cumulative mileage of the car today is 32,624 miles. The car last had a comprehensive service in 2021 and has been stored carefully and used occasionally ever since.

our thoughts

No longer the most powerful car on the roads today nor, to be honest, the prettiest one either, instead the V600 harks back to a period in British motoring history where different skills were valued, the world was less complicated and the signatory on the chassis plate had actually hand built the car.

The 600bhp V8 engine really is something else – a glorious reminder of a very different time. The reverberant V8 encourages cruising at high speeds before the whine of the superchargers kicks in at 3,000rpm propelling you to law breaking speeds in moments. The instant throttle response is addictive and the performance is still impressive to this day, as is the earth-moving nature of the delivery. The interior is luxuriously trimmed in an abundance of leather and carpet, isolating the lucky passenger from any of the realities of the outside world.

One of the most common themes of the rare car market in recent years has been the emergence of 1990s cars as highly desirable and therefore valuable to a new generation of collectors, drivers and enthusiasts. Perhaps as a reflection of the challenges of the current Aston Martin Lagonda business since the departure of charismatic CEO & Chairman Dr Ulrich Bez, the V600 does not yet seem to have ridden this wave but its substantial presence, obvious quality, sheer glorious ebullience and, yes, British brutishness, should ensure a place in history as one of the last great motoring dinosaurs of the 20th century.

Rarely have we had a car in the MT Yard at Bicester that has drawn so much attention – a special and wonderful object. Rule Britannia!

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