2010 Aston Martin DBR9


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- Genuine competition cars, GT3 category - Three podiums in the European Championship These two Aston Martin DBRS9 GT3 were acquired at the start of 2010 by LMP Motorsport, the racing team created by two motorsport enthusiasts. The bill of sale amounted to £225,000 for each machine, before development. According to information we received, these cars took part in several championships between 2010 and 2012. In 2010 they competed in the GT Tour (French GT3 Championship) driven by Anthony Beltoise, Nicolas Tardif, Grégoire Demoustier and Gregory Guilver, in LMP Motorsport livery. They took part in the GT Tour the following year, as well as the European GT3 Championship, again with LMP Motorsport. Drivers in the former were Frédéric Gabillon, Paul Lamic, Arnault Santamato and Luc Paillard, and in the latter, Maxime Martin, Gael Lessoudier, Bernard Delhez and Dimitri Enjalbert. The team won podium positions with Lessoudier/Martin: second and third place in the two races at Silverstone and second place at Paul Ricard. Other notable results included fourth place at the Slovakia Ring and fifth at Navarra. In 2012 the cars competed in the FIA GT1 Championship which ran with GT3s, in the colours of Valmon Racing Team Russia, who had hired the cars from LMP Motorsport. They also took part in a few rounds of the European GT3 Championship, without significant results. With their account not settled by Valmon Racing Team Russia, LMP Motorsport went into receivership. These two competition cars have been entered in the auction as part of the subsequent liquidation sale. Aston Martin Racing would have produced 24 examples of the DBRS9, with these being the last two. They are AMR prepared to GT3 specification : full carbon-fibre body, bonded alloy chassis, 620 bhp V12 engine before development, sequential six-speed gearbox, special brakes, modified suspension, 106-litre fuel tank, pneumatic jacks, special power steering, alloy OZ centre lock wheels, stripped interior, roll-cage, Recaro bucket seats with Hans protection and five-point harnesses, extinguisher etc. The weight, according to the FIA homologation papers, is 1,290 kg. In addition, these two cars were completely rebuilt in 2012 for the sum of €150,000, and thus show only limited signs of having been raced. The CEO advised us that they benefitted from a development that differentiated them from the " base " models. In addition to the mechanical work already mentioned, this included lightening the flywheel, installation of an electromagnetic sensor in the gear shift, racing ABS (there is a special ABS system used in racing, developed by an engineer working for Bosch), suspension configured for GT1 2012 (that can easily be returned to GT3), an " autoblip " engine system and sequential gearbox with shift. These cars were also equipped with an on-board computer monitoring key parameters on the brakes, the position of the accelerator, angle of steering, position of the suspension etc.The data acquisition software has been replaced.