2003 Aston Martin DB7

A truly exceptional example with only 15.000 kilometers since new


  • Year of manufacture 
  • Mileage 
    15 000 km / 9 321 mi
  • Car type 
  • Drive 
  • Condition 
    Original Condition
  • Interior colour 
  • Number of doors 
  • Number of seats 
  • Location
  • Exterior colour 
  • Gearbox 
  • Fuel type 


- The very last series of the desirable Aston Martin DB7
- The DB7 GTA is an even rarer car than the DB7 GT, with only 112 examples ever built
- If you are looking for a DB7 as a usable investment this rare model has to be the one to go for
- A truly exceptional example with only 15.000 kilometers since new
- The GTA was the automatic version with a 5 speed Touchtronic automatic gearbox and with the engine in Vantage 420 bhp tune

The Aston Martin DB7 is a grand tourer which was produced by Aston Martin from September 1994 to December 2004. The grand tourer was available either as a coupe or a convertible.

The very last version of the Aston Martin DB7, the GTA was introduced alongside the GT at the 2002 Birmingham Motor Show.

The GTA was the automatic version with a 5 speed Touchtronic automatic gearbox and with the engine in Vantage 420 bhp tune.

The car also featured twin bonnet vents not dissimilar to those seen on the V12 Vanquish for better air-flow management and to help dissipate heat. Also fitted was a distinctive wire mesh radiator grille and lower air intake.

Additionally, the GT and GTA chassis had substantially updated suspension from the DB7 Vantage models.

Aesthetically, compared to the Vantage it has a mesh front grille, vents in the bonnet (hood), a boot (trunk) spoiler, an aluminium gear lever, optional carbon fibre trim and new wheels. It also has 355 mm front and 330 mm rear vented disc brakes made by Brembo.

Other than the gearbox, engine specification and badging, the GTA is otherwise identical to the GT. This includes the wheels, suspension and braking upgrades as well as the additional vents, mesh grille and upturned spoiler on the boot.

The DB7 GTA is an even rarer car than the DB7 GT, with only 112 examples built.


We often get the question from customers in our showroom why we don’t keep a specific car ourselves. Actually with some cars we have to ask ourselves indeed if we must not arrange a larger parking spot to add a car like this in our own collection. This DB7 GTA is a car which we will never find again.

The car is ordered exactly as we should have ordered the car. Color wise and specification wise the car is just excellent.

The beautiful dark Pentland Green is combined with beautiful tan leather seats as well as a tan dashboard top and a tan carpet. We mainly see these cars with a black dashboard top and black carpets.

The Aston Martin is newly delivered in Germany and comes with documents about the introduction of the DB7 GT & GTA in 2004.

The car is most probably because of the superb color combination used in a variety of Aston Martin books.

During it’s life the Aston Martin has been owned by 2 or maximum 3 owners from Germany. All of these owners must have been passionated about cars because the car is in an absolute outstanding and amazing condition.

The car is fully complete with letters from Aston Martin towards the Aston Martin dealer from 2004 as well as an official brochure of the Aston Martin DB7 GT & GTA, the original instruction books and manual, the original battery charger and the gloves.


This very rare Aston Martin DB7 GTA is painted in a fantastic deep green metallic color named Pentland Green.

Because the Aston Martin has had an exceptional care since new the car is in an outstanding condition.

The pictures of the car were made before the car was cleaned and polished so you can understand that the current condition is amazingly nice.

The doors, boot and bonner open and close as new. The windows are in a new condition even as all the doorrubbers.

1 wheel shows a light parking sign.

We can write a long story about the exterior condition of this car but it is best to describe it as close to new condition.


The interior is beautifully finished in tan leather which is continued in the carpet, the inner roof and the dashboard top.

The interior is like the exterior in an outstanding condition without any signs of use.

The leather seats often shows damages in other DB7’s but this interior is in an excellent condition.

The beautiful white dial gauges are refined and easy to read. The total odometer stand is under 15.500 kilometers which is absolutely unique.

The interior of the car combines extremely well with the exterior color. A very chique combination in a beautiful condition.


We have had many DB 7’s so we dare to say that we know how these cars are driving, but this GT is absolutely 1 of a kind.

The DB7 GT has been developed in response to customer demand and is a sportier approach to the standard DB7, but incorporates all of the elements that have made the DB7 so successful for us and the backbone of the company.

If you step in this specific DB7 GTA the car feels new but this is becoming even more clear when you drive the car.

When the ignition is switched on and the brake pedal is pushed, a red light starts to burn. The start button.

The enormous sound which arrives when starting the engine invites the driver immediately for a ride.

A nice detail of the GTA is that the car can be seriously pushed to it’s limits but can be driven very calm and slowly as well.

The handling of the car is excellent. It is a fast car which handles very well.

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