1997 Aston Martin DB7


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− Fit with V12 Vantage body kit
− In a very interesting color combination

Estimate: 130 000 – 150 000 złoty

Model History
The Aston Martin DB7 was introduced at the Geneva Motorshow in March 1993. Its production started one year later. Under the bonnet one would find a straight six engine, of 3228cc equipped with a supercharger, which gave the DB7 a power reserve of 355 horsepower. It was coupled to a 5 speed manual or a 4 speed automatic geabox. The designer, Ian Callum used the Jaguar XJS platform to build the new small Aston, which allowed to keep the development costss low. In 1996, the convertible top version was introduced, and three years later the straight six was replaced by a new iteration, V12 Vantage series. The DB7 model range allowed the brand to open itself to a wider range of customers and introduced new design cues, that saw their continuity in the DB9 model range design.

Vehicle History
The DB7 presented at the National Stadium Auction was sold new in the United States, in North American specification. After being imported to Poland by a British car specialist garage, it was fit with the V12 Vantage front bumper and wheels from the Vantage V8 2006 type, to which a correct set of spacers was manufactured. The car has also an open exhaust system, which certainly adds some character to the straight six engine. The body is in good shape with a minor dents and defects, and the interior remains in excellent order. It is a very sound and interesting catalogue offer in the range of 1990‘s GT cars.