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c. 1964 Aston Martin DB5 Sports Saloon Project

Introduced in July 1963, the Aston Martin DB5 represented a further evolution of the preceding DB4 series rather than the beginning of an entirely new model line. The major change was the adoption of a 4.0-litre version of the (previously) 3.7-litre six-cylinder engine, this enlarged unit having been seen first in the Lagonda Rapide of 1961. Equipped with three SU carburettors the '400' engine produced 282bhp at 5,500rpm and was mated to a four-speed/overdrive gearbox, a 'proper' ZF five-speed unit being standardised later. Outwardly there was little to distinguish the DB5 from the final Series 5 DB4 apart from twin fuel filler caps, though these had already appeared on some cars. Beneath the skin however, there were numerous improvements including alternator electrics, Girling disc brakes instead of Dunlops, Sundym glass, electric windows and an oil pressure gauge as standard equipment. Famously featured in the James Bond movie, 'Goldfinger', the DB5 was immensely popular, with demand swiftly outstripping the factory's ability to supply following the film's release in 1964. In total, 1,021 examples were built between 1963 and 1965.

This incomplete DB5 was purchased in the late 1970s by its late owner to assist with the restoration of another of the DB5s in this sale ('DMM 3A', Lot 216). The owner was the proprietor of Auto Clinic, a car body repair business in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. Apparently, he was waiting for a train at Paddington Station in London and to kill time went for a walk, discovering the Aston at a local car repair facility. A deal was struck and he was able to purchase the complete rolling chassis/body (minus engine and gearbox) together with a number of other parts. However, the owner postponed the rebuild, intending that it should be his 'last job', but sadly his health deteriorated and it was never proceeded with. Sold strictly as viewed.

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