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- Resplendent in a superb and original colour scheme of Caribbean Blue paintwork with a Dark Blue leather interior
- The Caribbean Blue color let the car speak and make the car even more attractive then the standard Silver which is sprayed on most DB5’s
- 899 DB5 coupes examples were built between 1963 and 1965
- Subject to a body off restoration at 1 of the main Aston Martin specialist in the UK where a restoration was carried out without consideration to cost
- It covered a mere 2,000 miles since completion
- By far, the most famous of the original owners of an Aston Martin DB5 has been the world’s best-known secret agent – James Bond – who first drove the car in the 1964 movie, Goldfinger
- One of the most iconic and coveted of all British sports cars
- A car of unmatched power, elegance, and luxury

The Aston Martin DB5 epitomized the success of the company’s mission to produce a world-class GT sports coupe with the English gentleman in mind.
The car was hand built and improved upon the advanced engineering that began with its groundbreaking predecessor, the DB4.

Superior materials were used in manufacture, such as aluminum-alloy body panels mounted over a skeleton of small-diameter tubing, which was patented by Touring of Milan as Superleggera construction.

Its race-proven engine was also made of aluminum, including both the block and its twin-cam hemispherical cylinder head. Then, of course, the interior was upholstered in the finest Connolly leather, which was complemented by deep-pile Wilton carpets.

There was a certain innocence to product placement in the early sixties. Incorporating a brand or product into a movie probably just seemed like a good idea at the time.

Eon Productions - having been spurned by Jaguar - turned their attentions to Aston Martin to provide the 'daily driver' for MI6 agent, James Bond... the rest is more than just history.

The 1964 Bond film, ‘Goldfinger', made the DB5 one of the most famous cars of all time. Unsurprising as what man wouldn't want to drive a beautiful car and imagine themselves as a wayward secret agent and all round ladies man.

With the DB5 being resurrected in the latest James Bond movie ‘No Time to Die' it has further cemented the DB5's significance in both cult history and also in motoring history.

Not since the introduction of the E-type had the industry seen the glamour for such a car by royalty, rock stars, celebrities and the like.

This beautiful restored Aston Martin DB5 is an original right hand drive example.

It was delivered on the 6th. of July 1964 to the dealer Charles Sidney Limited in Westgate, Bradford Yorkshire in the UK.

Most of the ownership history of the car is known and even an old UK logbook is with the car.

The Aston underwent approximately 2.000 miles ago a complete nut and bolt restoration at 1 of the main Aston Martin specialists in the UK.
Without looking at expenses this car has been extensively and fully restored including the body and the technical aspects.

The quality of the project speaks for itself, with all works being completed in early 2020.

Because of the impressive restoration the appearance of the car is magnificent.

The Caribbean Blue color let the car speak and make the car even more attractive then the standard Silver which is sprayed on most DB5’s.

The paint gloss is excellent and beautifully deep like a mirror. The body details such as the door, bonnet and boot gaps are excellent.

The windows have also been replaced during the restoration resulting in beautiful glass without signs of use.

No money is saved during the restoration. The complete car has been fully restored.

Headlights and lenses are also restored even as all the chrome.

The interior has proven it wasn’t just a showcase of period luxury, it was also very stylish and timeless.

The interior of the Aston is very attracting and in our opinion the colour suits the exterior color of the car very well.

The interior of the Aston is like the exterior and the rest of the car extremely beautiful restored.

The seats have been wonderful re-trimmed on a period correct way. The quality of the leather as well as the color of the leather is very nice and suits extremely well the exterior color.

The headlining is also period correct and fully restored.

The complete dashboard has been restored including all meters and gauges which are all in perfect functioning order.

The smell by opening the door is fabulous and typically english. A typical Connolly leather smell is reaching the nose immediately and this smell starts immediately the emotion of driving and using the DB5.

The Aston has been impressively restored as described above and this becomes clear when the engine bay is properly inspected and when the car is driven on a lift. The underside of the DB5 is like the engine bay in absolute superb condition. Please take a careful look at the pictures which give a good impression about these parts of the car as well as of the quality of the restoration.

Driving an Aston Martin DB 5 is extremely special. Everybody knows the model because of James Bond and everybody seems to love the brand.

An Aston Martin is always accepted and people enjoy seeing an Aston life on the street.

This Aston Martin DB5 is a truly iconic British Sports car whichever you look at it and with comprehensive history file and heritage certificate to match is a very rare thing.

This specific DB5 is an absolute superb looking example but the car is also driving as one of the best examples we traded.

The power of the engine is fabulous and the handling is superb. The car responses immediately on the steering wheel as well as on the pedals.

Gear shifting (5 speed gearbox) goes very smoothly and the car offers a very comfortable ride on the motorway but certainly also on small historical roads when it is possible to race a bit.

So amongst the fabulous looks of the Aston Martin DB5 it is also a superb driving example.

We personally appreciate that the car is in it’s original color scheme and that the car is in such a period correct condition.

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