1961 Aston Martin DB4


  • Year of manufacture 
  • Mileage 
    15 010 km / 9 327 mi
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This classic car is for sale on Catawiki. To have more information or to place a bid click on the "BID NOW" button. .Aston Martin DB4 Series IV (1961) in very good condition.

Chassis Number: DB4/828/L
Engine number: 370/288

This unit is one of very few Aston Martin DB4 sold new in Spain. Specifically, is 1 of 5 Aston Martin DB4 (plus a DB4 GT) ever sold in Barcelona, and is still wearing its original number plate from that city.

In outstanding condition, with the most beautiful and recognisable Aston Martin colour, its factory original “California Sage” metallic green used by the marque in its competition cars in period.

'When the products which are raced bear such a close resemblance to those which can be bought by the public, as do those of Aston Martin, only the most biased can deny the value of racing in improving the breed. It should be no surprise (that the DB4) should be based on an engine which first appeared in experimental form in some of last year's races.' - The Autocar, 3rd October 1958.

Manufactured between October 1958 and June 1963, the DB4 developed through no fewer than five series, and the unit offered belongs to the IV series, already fitted with bi-disc clutch, among other distinguishing details.

The Series IV cars are significantly better looking than the previous three series and are more in tune with the famous DB5 models, the “James Bond” cars. Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera of Milan designed the bodywork and fabrication techniques on these DB4 & DB5 Astons completely in aluminum, hence the “under license” badge under the hood and the “Superleggera” badges on the hood.

The car offered was originally sold in Barcelona, were only had three owners and remained until the early 2010s, when it was imported to USA. Among its owners in Barcelona, one was owner of workshop called "Neumáticos Turini". During its Barcelona years, the car had always careful passionate owners.

The last owner before being exported to USA was a Barcelona gentleman, enthusiast of Aston Martin. He owned at this time the DB4 offered, plus a DB6 and a V8 model. The DB4 was its favourite car, and he took part in many international meetings and events with it.

In 2011, the car was the star in the cover of issue nº278 of Spanish magazine "Motor Clásico", where it was subject of a comprehensive article (see photo attached).

When the Aston Martin arrived to USA the car already had a very good condition, but nonetheless the new owner commissioned a renovation of the interior to full standards. The engine was also overhauled, including a new radiator made in aluminium.

After some years in USA, the car was finally re-imported to Spain back in 2018, and now shows an outstanding condition and is ready to be enjoyed, still wearing its original number plates from the city of Barcelona, where it was first registered.

The car is located in Madrid, Spain.