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French registration papers (as a historic vehicle)
No reserve

- Rare car
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- No reserve

Ansaldo was one of the most important Italian industrial groups. After the First World War, the company had to convert its aero-engine factory in Turin. It was then decided to diversify the activity by manufacturing cars. The Tipo 4, presented in 1919 and designed by engineer Guido Soria, was powered by an 1847cc four-cylinder engine. In 1923, Ansaldo introduced its first six-cylinder model: the 6 AN with a displacement of 1990cc. The brand seemed to have established itself in the automotive market when the group was split in 1927 and the automotive division sold. With an annual production of between 1,000 and 2,000 units, the surviving models of this ephemeral brand are extremely rare.

The car we present is an Ansaldo 6B Torpedo probably from 1925.
The owner of this car fell under his spell in 1971 while doing his military service in Chile. It was in a small village near Santiago that he discovered it. The origins of her presence in South America are uncertain, but it is assumed that she was sent there to provide travel for an Italian ambassador. The car was in its original condition and had never been restored. It was very well preserved because the humidity level in Chile is very low. At the end of his military service, his priority was to repatriate the car to France in order to start a restoration. More than 40 years later, our 6B is now in the same condition as it was when it was discovered in 1971. Only a red anti-rust coat was applied in Chile before being transported by boat in order to preserve its bodywork. The car still has its original leather and will be sold with many spare parts. This car has been with its owner all his life and he now wishes to pass it on to a passionate person who will complete his restoration project.

This car will be sold by auction by AGUTTES Auction House, in Lyon, France, on November the 9th, 2019.
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