1961 Alfa Romeo Tipo



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Italian title
Tipo R 1090 A
Chassis n° R1084922

- Unusual model
- Good original condition
- Original Italian Libretto

This Ondine Alfa Romeo is a particularly original model: it dates from the period when the Dauphine was assembled under licence in the Portello factory, following an agreement in 1958 between Renault and the Italian manufacturer. In return, the network of Renault dealers also distributed Alfa Romeos. Thousands of small Renaults emerged from the Italian factory before the relationship between the two manufacturers soured and finally broke down. Meanwhile, Renault had been inspired by project 103 for the design of the R8.
There was no difference between the Italian and the French version of the Dauphine other than the addition of the Alfa Romeo name, as here on this Ondine, presented in good, original condition. The dashboard also betrays its Italian origin, with " benzina " and " acqua " replacing the words usually in French.
The bodywork is in good condition, with new paintwork and the interior is original with red fabric and leatherette upholstery. The dashboard and two-tone steering wheel are in good condition. The engine compartment is clean and reveals recent work carried out on the " Ventoux " engine (hoses replaced, service). It has a Renault plaque with the serial number and a second plaque bearing the words " Ondine Alfa Renault ".
Originally registered in Milan, this Ondine Alfa Romeo was taken to Perugia in 1971 by its second owner, who sold it to a collector in 1999. It joined the collection of the current owner in 2007. It is offered with the original Libretto dated November 1961 and presents a rare opportunity to buy a car born of the agreement between Renault and Alfa Romeo, adding a touch of history to our French friend.

The cars in this collection are all offered without contôle technique (MOT). New legislation prevents us from obtaining an MOT for a vehicle that is not registered in France.