2004 Alfa Romeo GTV

2.0 JTS


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    Original Condition
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French registration papers

- Only 3840km (2386 miles) recorded
- Exceptional original condition
- Add it to your collection right away!

At the start of the 1990s, Alfa Romeo, part of the Fiat group, was not in the best of shape. Its final rear-wheel drive model, the 75 saloon, was replaced by the lacklustre 155, and only the 164 seemed to keep up appearances. It was in this difficult context that the new GTV was presented in Paris in October 1994. A faultless performance across the board! Or at least, in terms of its styling, as Pininfarina’s design was the car’s greatest strength. Although it was very elegant, the spider was heavier and lacked rigidity; as a result, the coupé – which was lighter and more effective – was often preferred to it. The new GTV adopted front-wheel drive and had no difficult putting down the 165bhp which the most powerful of the four-cylinder engines developed. The cars built during the final years from 2003 were better finished and are all the more desirable for it.

The car which we are presenting for sale is a 2004 model, powered by the four-cylinder two-litre JTS engine producing 165bhp; it is in exceptional, near-new condition, as is evident from its remarkably low mileage of just 2386 miles (3840km)! The car was kept in an Alfa Romeo dealership in the Turin area until 2017, when it was acquired by its current owner. It then received a full service, including the replacement of the timing belt and the various fluids, with an invoice as proof. At the risk of putting some more miles on the clock, the car’s owner invited us to take the wheel of the GTV. The 2-litre 16-valve engine proved flexible and performed strongly at higher revs, as we had expected. Known for its strength, the five-speed gearbox changed gear without crunching, even when cold, and the car’s overall handling was safe and precise, just like that of a brand-new car, or at any rate one that had covered very few miles. Inside, everything is in immaculate condition, whether the carpets, leather trim or the different items of equipment … It feels like you are taking the keys of a car which has just come off the production line! An icon for the marque over the past 20 years, the GTV is now acquiring collector status. And with such an incredibly low mileage it would be a shame not to seize this unique opportunity!