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VIN No.  ZAR91600006058560               
Engine Type: AR32201

Registered in 1999, for 15 years with the same owner who has only covered 500 km, jealously guarded in the garage. Has traveled only 50,000 km from new. Valid MOT.
Silver grey with anthracite “Alfatex” interior. As-new condition. Kenwood radio of the time with CD changer, and equipped with the rare GTV 916 tool kit, tyre repair kit, and spare wheel. Despite being 22 years old, the condition is truly exemplary and the interior upholstery is new. With the first restyling in 1998, the GTV was improved in all its parts and especially the materials for the interior, now of high quality; the redesigned central tunnel and the integrated armrest; the finishing is more refined. The electrical system was redesigned to improve reliability and resolve the model’s sins of youth. Complete with all manuals and contract of first purchase.
Mechanics subjected to regular maintenance and care and in perfect working order. Very recently serviced complete with replacement of the timing belt.
Produced in only 2,873 units, the 144 hp 1.8 Twins Spark engine is second in rarity only to models equipped with V6 engines. Performance is equivalent to the 150hp 2.0 TS. In its day, it was the car with the highest torsional rigidity on the market, translating into exceptional driving precision. Built using alloys and composite materials to optimise weight and rigidity, it is still the most well balanced front-engine front-wheel drive car on the market today, with optimum weight distribution and centre of gravity. Created to meet stringent US regulations, but then not imported due to Fiat’s decision to withdraw from the US market, it is highly sought after by ‘Alfisti’ in the US. A Youngtimer with sharply rising prices, low running costs and in as-new condition.
The Alfa must be collected from the province of Teramo.

Aste Bolaffi
Via Cavour 17
10123Torino  Torino