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To be OFFERED AT AUCTION at Auctions America’s Fort Lauderdale event, April 1-3, 2016.

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$ 75,000 - $110,000 US

This Alfa Romeo was the recipient of a comprehensive rotisserie restoration. The South Florida collector whom owns the car has a collection of Italian classics and executed the restoration with both his in-house team and Alfa marque specialists at Auto Veloce Inc. in North Miami, Florida. Underneath, the car is presented “as jewelry” and this also applies to the engine bay and interior. No details were spared in the show quality restoration, as many of the parts such as the lights, trunk latch, and knobs are all correct new-old-stock Alfa Romeo parts.

This particular example is an authentic Veloce spec Guilietta Spider. Those involved were able to identify this by both the 'F' designation stamped above the serial number on the firewall and the 00106 type stamp on the engine block in photos from the restoration shop. The Veloce-spec cars had both higher horsepower than the Normale-spec cars and had several differences in the mechanics such as two carburetors, and some slight chassis variations mentioned below. This Alfa Romeo is said to be a later 101 series, not the earlier 750 series.

The heart of a Veloce is its engine: a special 1.3-liter block with bigger main caps, longer duration and higher lift cams, 9.7 to 1 forged pistons, forged rods that are polished and shot peened, stronger rod bolts, two-piece cast aluminum sump, high volume oil pump, Bosch distributor with a more advanced timing curve, larger crank pulley, two twin throat Weber carbs - DCOE2's and steel tube headers.

However, the most important consideration for a collector is the Veloce chassis. Aside from its serial number, a Veloce has unique features in the sheetmetal such as the fresh air scoop. On the Veloces, this fresh air scoop is welded into the grille opening on the driver’s side. This scoop provides a mild ram effect and directs more air to the carburetors. Because it can be made by simply folding and welding sheetmetal, it is sometimes added to Normales.

Both Veloces and Normales have an air scoop for the passenger compartment. The Veloce uses a split scoop with two hoses, one for the carbs and one for the driver. In regards to “duct holes,” some 750 and all 101 Spiders and Sprints have two holes for air ducting on the driver’s side fenderwell; however, only the Veloces use both holes. On Normales the front hole is covered by a sheetmetal plate fastened on by screws. On Veloces, the front hole provides air from the front air scoop to the air cleaner. On both Spider and Sprint Veloces a torque limit bumper is mounted to the left frame rail directly below the left motor mount. The torque limit bumper consists of a welded section with a rubber stopper screwed into it. Sometimes this bumper will be part of the left engine mount. The bumper keeps the engine from moving too much under hard acceleration.
1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce

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