1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Sprint 750B


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The Giulietta Sprint is without a doubt a serious contender for the title of "Most Iconic Postwar Alfa Romeo". First, take a look at those perfect sleek lines, courtesy of Franco Scaglione, Bertone's designer. Then open the hood and admire Alfa Romeo's innovative all alloy 4 cylinder twin cam engine.

When launched in 1954 at the Torino Motorshow, the Giulietta was quite a technological and stylistic statement by Alfa Romeo. Who would have thought that this small but very advanced mass produced sports car would become Alfa Romeo's flagship model during many years?

This very early first series Giulietta Sprint, with its typical small headlights, has many strong points.
First of all, it has benefited from a thorough restoration. The interior has been left untouched as much as possible, to retain its patina. The car has received a Targa d'Oro by the ASI, and it has only driven a few hundred kilometres since the restoration.
Secondly, its early vintage makes it Mille Miglia eligible.
Finally, and not unimportant if you want to drive from Brescia to Rome and back, it's an absolute pleasure to drive! We took it out on one of the many sunny days we've had over the past weeks, and we are confident that you will find as much pleasure in driving it as we did!

Our price for all this beauty and joy: 110.000 Euro.