• Year of manufacture 
  • Mileage 
    34 000 km / 21 127 mi
  • Car type 
  • Chassis number 
    AR11509 * 0016020
  • Engine number 
  • Condition 
  • Location
  • Exterior colour 


• Only 34,127 Km
• Barn Find
• Preserved original
• First paint
• Original and preserved interior
• Matching Number and Matching Colour
• Original number plate
• Original documents Lost

In 1960, Alfa Romeo decided to replace the Giulietta with a new model. The Giulia was presented in 1962 and, with its various restyling, was produced for 15 years.
The focus was on sportiness and technological innovation. The engine was a four-cylinder, aeronautical school engine with a twin-shaft distribution and built entirely in aluminium to keep the weight down and make it quick and powerful. For the first time it was fitted with a five-speed transmission, which until then had only been used for sports cars, and drum brakes. The bodyshell was differentiated with a rigid passenger cell. The bodywork was also designed to have good aerodynamics and to give an aggressive appearance. From the low and receding front end came the side recesses that carried the air to the rear with its truncated tail. In 1965 the magazine Quattroruote compared the car with 12 other competitors of the same class in a road test and it turned out to be the fastest at 176km/h.
In 1974 an important restyling was done that gave birth to the New Super. The front end was changed with a black plastic grille, a different Alfa Romeo badge and a smooth bonnet. The bumpers became more wrap-around, and the layout of the lights in the tail changed. The interior also underwent several changes, with a modified dashboard, centre console with front air vents, carpeted floor and seats with headrests. It was produced with two engines, 1.3 and 1.6.
Despite its 12 years of production, this model continued to distinguish itself for its engine, chassis and aerodynamic qualities, and was once again described by a leading car magazine as 'the fastest 1300 saloon on the market'.
The magnificent example we are offering at auction was probably first registered in Italy in 1974. The car was found in an old garage after many years by a family member of the original owner (now deceased). For this reason it is 100% to be considered a barn find, as to date it has only one owner. The body is in excellent condition, the paint is still that of first production (first paint) under the dust is intact and has no obvious problems. The interior is original, intact and preserved. The engine having been stopped for several years will certainly need a general overhaul of all mechanical components and some accessories, but it is 100% original. This car is part of an amazing collection of recently barn found cars belonging to a gentleman who was a member of a well respected Italian family. Fortunately, a member of the same family found the car and decided to return a trio of historically significant cars to the enthusiast world. The cars will be auctioned at Milano AutoClassica 2021 in the exact condition in which they were found.

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