• Year of manufacture 
  • Mileage 
    80 530 km / 50 040 mi
  • Car type 
  • Drive 
  • Condition 
  • Exterior brand colour 
    Light blue
  • Interior colour 
  • Interior type 
  • Number of doors 
  • Number of seats 
  • Location
  • Exterior colour 
  • Gearbox 
  • Performance 
    70 kW / 96 PS / 94 BHP
  • Fuel type 


Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Lusso (1970)

At Peet Classics, we see countless beautiful classics during the year. However, it is quite rare that a car manages to really amaze us. That is exactly what this 1970 Alfa Romeo Giulia has managed to do. It ticks all the boxes. An extremely tasteful color scheme, with its soft blue paint and chestnut interior. The right engine, a 98 bhp 1.6-litre twin cam with two double Weber carburettors and a sound that flows from your ears, through your spine, straight to your heart. Of course, there’s that 'stepped' boot lid, which gives the Giulia such a characterful appearance. And of course there is that beautiful dashboard, with the large speedometer and tachometer, and a row of extra instruments in the center console. Thanks to the Lusso equipment all is exactly in the right decoration.

As soon as you take a seat and take hold of the large steering wheel, the woodwork seems to grow together with your hands. You are immediately comfortable, and will understand what this car wants from you: just heat up the oil as soon as possible and then have a lot of sporty driving pleasure together. Due to its large size, you can consider the rev counter as an invitation: Alfa's famous twin cam engine doesn’t mind letting you experience the full rev range. But as said: do bring the lubricants to operating temperature, first.

You only have to release your right hand from the steering wheel to put the long lever of the five-speed ’box into the next gear. That is accompanied by a distinct movement, which is full of mechanical feel. Even sixty years after the launch of the Giulia, this Italian classic doesn't have to be ashamed of its determination and sprinting power. This a car was developed for the left lane on the Autostrada (its twin headlights and powerful horn are proof of that), but also for fast lap times on Monza or the Nordschleife. The 1.6 engine is full of energy, and makes no secret of its origins.

What also amazed us when we first encountered this Giulia, is the great quality of its restoration. Although the car has a Dutch registration since 2006, and the previous owner seized every opportunity to fully enjoy the sporty performance and driving characteristics of the Giulia, every sheet part still looks like new. On the underside, the Alfa is in an incredibly good condition as well. And having a look under the bonnet is like getting your hands on an old factory picture, taken when the Giulia was first shown to the public in 1962. A thorough overhaul of the engine, gearbox and rear axle has only further elevated the quality of the powertrain.

What else is there to tell about this Alfa Romeo Giulia? Well, actually you should come over and see the car with your own eyes in our showroom in Voorschoten. Then you will understand our enthusiasm for the car. In the same year that the Alfa Romeo Giulia celebrates its 60th birthday, this example is a very good excuse to join the celebration. You don't have to do this in a group, it can also be done 'solo'. It is a great pleasure to explore new inland routes with this Giulia, and discover new favorite roads. Every time, the large wooden steering wheel seems to grow together with your hands. But first: let the engine warm its oil. After that, the party really can get started.

We cordially invite you to com have a look at this 1970 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super at our showroom in Voorschoten. Please contact us first for an appointment.

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