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1962 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint
We return to 1954. At the Salone dell'automobile di Torino, the new Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint is presented. Together with Franco Scaglione of Bertone, Alfa Romeo engineers designed one of the most iconic Italian sports cars of its time. In the 1950s, therefore, it was the Giulietta that every young guy wanted to own. It was the flagship of their offering and proved a great success commercially with some 27,000 units produced.
A few years later, in 1962, the Giulietta Sprint got an update. The 1.3-litre 4-cylinder dual-cam engine was upgraded to a 1.6-litre version and the car was renamed Giulia Sprint. In the first year, Alfa Romeo built 3,700 units, including this one.

According to the Certificato Di Origine obtained from the Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo, this Giulia Sprint was produced for the US market and delivered in Newark, New Jersey. After 12 years, the car was exported from the US to the UK where it spent the next 46 years in the possession of 2 owners.
Mrs Marjory Betty Hill bought the car in 1974 and drove it fanatically for the first few years in particular. By 1979, the car was still used sporadically.
In 2004, the car changed hands: Mr Roger Hill, a relative of Mrs Hill became the new 'caretaker' and did well from the start. At his request, the car was fully restored at a specialist in the UK between 2005 and 2010. After 5 long years of intensive restoration, the car was so beautiful that he hardly dared to drive it.
In 2018, the car was sold and exported to Belgium. After 56 years, this Italian icon was reunited back with mainland Europe. The last Belgian owner was also very sparing on this Alfa.
Between 1979 and today, the car drove just under 800 miles. Perhaps now is the time to find a new owner to give odometer a firm spin?

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