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VIN No. ZAR162B6000002136
Engine Type: 61503

Registered in Madrid, Spain, in 1988, it came from the private collection of a local Alfa Romeo dealership. Imported into Italy in 2015, 2 owners registered in the logbook. It has travelled only 100,000 km from new. Car delivered with valid MOT.
The America trim, created to celebrate the export of the 75 to the United States ,where it was sold under the name Milano, features energy absorbing bumpers and an oversized fuel tank. Neutral grey metallic colour with grey herringbone velvet interior. In perfect condition both inside and out and totally original, with yellow fog lights, check panel and air conditioning. Speedline wheels in perfect condition, and has all the bodywork stickers.
The first owner, an Alfa Romeo dealer, kept the mechanics in perfect working order – the car underwent all the maintenance intervals through the coupons provided by the manufacturer on the official service network. Equipped with the service book regularly stamped at the maintenance intervals made. This is an example in exceptional condition. In 2016, the wheel bearings were replaced, a complete overhaul of the braking system was carried and new tyres fitted. The engine was overhauled and tuned in 2017.
Equipped with the historic Busso engine in 3.0 configuration – it develops 185cve performance worthy of the Alfa Romeo make. In as-new condition, all the typical defects of the model, evident in neglected examples, have been resolved with passion and expertise, and is in perfect working order. It is difficult to find an Alfa 75 on the market with regular servicing for the 33 years of the car’s life and regularly recorded in the service book. ASI registered.
The Alfa must be collected from the province of Bergamo.

Aste Bolaffi
Via Cavour 17
10123Torino  Torino