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Raymond Barbey, Lake Geneva, Switzerland (acquired new in 1950)
Brother of Raymond Barbey, Morocco (gifted from the above circa 1955)
Marc Caveng, Geneva, Switzerland
Current Owner (acquired from the above)

Building upon the 6C dynasty established by Alfa Romeo engineer Vittorio Jano in 1925, the 6C 2500 debuted in 1938 as the successor to the 6C 2300. Rooted in the brilliant prewar racing machines from Alfa Romeo, the 6C 2500 was noted by author and historian Griffith Borgeson as the company’s “bridge to post-World War II production,” with the 6C 2500 produced until 1952.

One of the last examples produced before the launch of the Villa d’Este, this 1950 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS features many fascinating styling cues which render it particularly well refined in comparison to many earlier cars.

In addition to enlarged displacement, the 6C 2500 cylinder head was carefully improved, and compression rose from 6.5:1 to 7.1:1 in top Super Sport (SS) specification. This, along with three Weber carburetors, gave the 6C 2500 SS 105 hp. Performance was heightened with the use of lightweight Superleggera bodies pioneered by Carlo Felice Bianchi Anderloni at Carrozzeria Touring. The 6C 2500 SS was one of the most exotic and expensive cars of its time, drawing a list of owners including the era’s top luminaries.

Numbered 915831, this example was imported to Switzerland in May 1950 and subsequently registered that November in the name of Raymond Barbey, a private banker living along the shores of Lake Geneva and a direct neighbor to the famed engineer and Hispano-Suiza designer Marc Birkigt. Mr. Barbey was a great Alfa Romeo enthusiast and his previous car was a beautiful 6C 2500 S Touring Cabriolet that was shown by Alfa at the 1939 Berlin Motor Show.

Mr. Barbey kept his Alfa Romeo for about five years before he gave it to his brother, who was then residing in Morocco. Subsequently, it passed through Germany during the 1990s and then the US before being acquired by Swiss collector Marc Caveng.

During its early years, the original engine block (stamped 928141) was replaced with a period-correct unit stamped 926778. During the past decade, an accurate and breathtaking restoration was completed, and the mechanical components were restored at the world-renowned, UK-based Jim Stokes Workshops with approximately 90,000 euros invested. The current owner acquired the Alfa Romeo in 2014 and treated it to an attractive two-tone repaint by Images Autobody, along with chrome wire wheels and new carpets and headliner installed by Franzini Bros. The revamped 6C was invited to the 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance®, where it was shown, but not judged.

A welcome entry to many prestigious concours d’elegance, this outstanding and historic 6C 2500 SS would likely also be eligible for a multitude of desirable classic driving events and tours worldwide.

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