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UK registered since 2010, the Argosy 20 Motorhome is a rare vehicle in its own right, even in the USABeautifully engineered using traditional aviation techniques inaluminium as per the classic caravansPresented in a classic Airstream colour combination with the option to strip back, reveal and polish the aluminium bodyworkBasic American running gear;Chevrolet Chassis with a 350ci engine and automatic gearboxOne of only two in the UK, offered from aprivate collection anddriven to the auction in the Midlands from SurreyHighly versatile,refurbish, repurpose or just have funFurther images to follow.In2015,our vendor, himself a fan of the weird and wonderful, was invited to buy this Argosy Motorhome from a family in North Yorkshire, and,having never seen one before, was intrigued. Whilst not really'weird and wonderful' this junior Airstream is a little unusual with a certain quirky appeal and consequently,adeal was struck, shortly followedby a baptism-of-fire drive home from Yorkshire to Surrey with a hefty amount of horsepower under his right foot, and a surprisingly lightweight body shrouded around him.She can pick up her skirt and run he gleefully tells us as he describes what its like to drive. It's fitted with aparticularly small-diameter steering wheel which, despite the power steering, makes course-plotting a bit busier than one might truly enjoy, but with sufficient horsepower from the Chevy V8 to keep up with modern traffic, its not an especially difficult vehicle to travel distances in.The exterior wears the traditional Creamy White paintwork with Brown stripes that most Argosy 20s were sporting when new, and its true that in places it is beginning to look a little tired, however,it would brighten up beautifully with some elbow-grease.If that polishing effort was a tad too vigorous and the base aluminium was exposed,you could simply carry on andpolish-up the rest of the aluminium body in classic Airstream style.With regard to the interior, it carries the original fit-out kitchen with sink, fridge, oven and three gas hobs. It has a retro 70s feel as youd expect, but its not in poor repair. There is a seating area, curtains, American sockets for the electrics, and a fixed toilet in the bathroom. At the front of the vehicle are two Blue and Cream Captains chairs, with an enormous hatch between them which, when opened, exposes the engine! Outside, there is a large full-side awning, but we havent attempted to attach it.The speedo is in MPH, with the odometer showing 24,421 miles, although weve no way to corroborate what mileage may have been covered. As weve said, this is an exceptionally rare vehicle, perhaps one of just two in the UK, and one that would, with a little TLC and detailing, be a comfortablemotorhome for touring, secure in the knowledge that you are not going to see another one.You can now book a one-to-one appointment (up to one hour) to view this lot at our central location Monday to Friday between Thursday 29th October - 12th November. Please contact our office on 01926 691 141 to secure your appointment or to discuss the car in more detail contact Steven on 07500 040422 / [email protected] The health and safety of both our customers and team remain the utmost priority, we are therefore operating to strict COVID-19 guidelines and full instructions for arrival and inspection protocols will be given when making your appointment.