1962 AC Greyhound


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Rarely do cars with such low total production numbers like 83 see road use, but this Greyhound is a different breed. Showing the well cared interior patina that defines a driver’s car, the finish on this Greyhound is older but well maintained. With a model correct engine upgrade to the powerful 2.6 liter Zodiac MK III it has the highest horsepower that it was offered. With electronic ignition, adjustable coil over shock, power steering and 5-speed transmission, this British tourer is delight in the road. Perfect for historic outings or for weekend use this rare auto offers the worry free driving experience we all love in a vintage package. The photography used in our catalog was shot in the beautiful countryside of Scotland during a 800 mile outing earlier in the summer, a testament to the reliability and drivability of this Grand Tourer.

Touring along most roads you will be commonly confused with a Aston Martin DB4 and it will provide you great pride to correct the admirers while sharing the unique and interesting pedigree that this GT offers.

Vehicle to be auctioned Friday, October 31st at Motostalgia's 2nd Annual Grand Prix sale in Austin, TX. For more information visit www.motostalgia.com