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  • Car type 
  • Chassis number 
  • Engine number 
  • Lot number 
  • Condition 
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  • Exterior colour 


• 78,266 km indicated on speedometer
• Fully restored
• Restored interior
• Original white bodywork
• Interiors in mixed Skai and fabric
• Engine totally restored to original condition
• Suspension totally restored to original condition
• Brakes fully restored to original condition
• Matching Number and Matching Colour
• Original number plate

In the 1960s, Carlo Abarth went from being an external coachbuilder to an official Fiat partner. Part of the Fiat 600D production was allocated to the Abarth company to enable them to set up the brand new 850 TC. Carlo Abarth succeeded in transforming a quiet family car into a manoeuvrable, agile and light racing monster that proved to be perfect for both racing and everyday use.
The biggest changes concerned the engine, which was a 767 cm3 four-cylinder with an increased bore and stroke to reach a displacement of 847 cm3. The adoption of new pistons improved the compression ratio and the camshaft also became more powerful. It also featured a 32" Solex carburettor, a new air filter and a different crankshaft. The exhaust, designed for sports use, amplified the roar of the Abarth engine. All these changes allowed the 850 TC to reach a top speed of 140 km/h, not bad for a small car of the time and which made it necessary to adopt a new braking system, with discs instead of drums on the front wheels. The interior remained classic and elegant thanks to the Jaeger instrumentation, but with a touch of sportiness given by the 3-spoke aluminium steering wheel.
The splendid example we are offering at auction is one of the few examples of Abarth 850 TC in perfect condition still in circulation and registered in 1961. The car has been maniacally restored in every aspect. The restoration lasted about two years and ended about 2 months ago, and has covered the entire body that has been stripped of paint controlled and repainted in its original white, the suspension has been restored in every aspect and in every order (rubber, rods, shock absorbers, brakes, arms, etc.). The engine was disassembled in its entirety, checked, cleaned and reassembled as originally (and works perfectly). To date, it has covered only 800 km after restoration. It has had only 2 previous owners and is equipped with its original 1961 plates, and all its original documentation. The car will be auctioned at Milano AutoClassica 2021 in extraordinary condition.