1984 Yamaha 350



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- Chassis # JYA48H005EA0000386
- Engine # 48H-000386
- An Extremely Well Preserved Original Paint Example
- Matching Numbers
- Showing Just 8406 Miles From New
- Recently Serviced And Ready For Enjoyment

This particular RZ350, chassis number JYA48H005EA0000386 and engine number 48H-000386, was recently purchased out of long term enthusiast ownership. It currently shows 8,406 miles from new and is an all stock matching numbers example which is believed to be original paint throughout. This bike has lived a relatively easy life as indicated by the mileage which is believed to be correct. As a testament to the quality, this RZ350 was on display in the living room of the gentleman whom we purchased it from! The cosmetic condition is fantastic with only a few minor blemishes to speak of that ultimately come with the territory when discussing original paint machines. There are two small chips in the paint on either side of the tank where it appears the bars contacted the tank. They are not dented in, which leads us to believe it was a very light contact and not anything to worry about. The handlebars have some minor scuffing of the paint between the clamps. The black striping on top of the tank exhibits some spider cracking. There are a few chips in the paint that have been touched up on the front fender as well as on the rear tail piece. There is also some spots where the black graphics have begun to crack or have some scrapes in them. Minor blemishes aside, the paint on the frame is fantastic, the engine is clean and tidy and the motorcycle overall presents extremely well. Upon purchasing this RZ350 it was treated to a thorough sorting to address any and all problems that might have arisen from extended periods of sitting. Luckily this bike was stored properly so much of the maintenance performed was done in a preventative manner. To start with, the fuel system was disassembled and the carbs were rebuilt using a new parts kit. The tank was sent away to be professionally cleaned and coated due to some minor flaking of the interior coating that was forming. The braking system was gone through and pads and fluid were changed. Lastly a new battery was placed in the bike to ensure issue free starting and riding. Once service was completed, the bike was left in fantastic running condition. It starts with relative ease although cold starting naturally requires a few more kicks than once the engine is warm. Once out on the road, this little 350 is an amazing fun and enjoyable ride. It is torquey off the line and feels like it will rev forever on its way up to its 9500 RPM redline. The lightweight nature of the machine means that it very easy to ride, turns in with little effort, and steers wonderfully. These bikes are very popular with amateur racing and it is easy to see why as it makes you feel like a superstar when riding it. Given its condition and low miles, this 1984 Yamaha RZ350 represents an incredible opportunity to own a truly unique and fun machine. Examples this original and well kept are few and far between, making this already coveted two-stroke machine a truly rare find.

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