Tyler 2 1/2 HP


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Property of a deceased's estate
c.1918 Tyler 2½hp Motorcycle
Registration no. MC 4920 (see text)
Engine no. A1447

* Rare short-lived marque
* Believed the sole survivor
* Long-term enthusiast ownership

'The Tyler Apparatus Co of Gerrard Street, London began by offering their lightweights with a choice of Precision two-stroke or four-stroke engines, both in a form of unit construction with their two-speed gearbox. Under this name they had limited sales but on changing to the Metro engine were more successful as Metro-Tyler.' - Bacon & Hallworth, 'The British Motorcycle Directory'.

This motorcycle was manufactured by the Tyler Apparatus Co of London. The firm originally built theatre organs but began offering lightweight motorcycles with a choice of engines from 1913. Between 1913 and 1918 they produced two models powered by either a 198cc sidevalve four-stroke or a 269cc two-stroke engine. After WWI Tyler took over the Metropolitan Manufacturing Co, which had been making Metro motorcycles, and between 1919 and 1924 they produced motorcycles with the name Metro-Tyler. For 1923, the final year of production, the firm listed three models: a brace of 2½hp two-strokes and a 4hp (697cc) four-stroke v-twin.

This particular Tyler has a JAP 299cc engine with Albion gearbox and chain-cum-belt drive. Discovered in the 1980s, the machine has been in the late owner's collection for some 30 years, having been acquired from the uncle of a friend. The owner was an avid collector of classic motorcycles and one of the founding members of the AJS & Matchless Owners' Club.
The Tyler had not been ridden since WW2 and there were no papers with it. The registration number 'MC 4920' has now lapsed. Over the years the late owner carried out extensive research into the Tyler's history, consulting both the VMCC and Michael Worthington-Williams (documents on file). It is believed that only four Metro-Tyler machines have survived and it seems likely that this motorcycle is the only one of the earlier Tyler marque still surviving. Offered for restoration and sold strictly as viewed, it comes with a box of additional parts.