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1928 Sunbeam 493cc Model 9
Registration no. DH 6593
Frame no. L1516
Engine no. D1545

The frame and cycle parts of Sunbeam's sporting overhead-valve Model 9, which had much in common with those of the firm's larger sidevalve models, evolved slowly. Sunbeam missed the industry's virtually wholesale switch from flat-tank to saddle-tank frames for the 1928 season, and a saddle-tank version of the '9' did not appear until September of that year. Changes to the Model 9's engine were confined mainly to its top-end. The early flat-tankers featured a straight-ahead exhaust port, a peculiarity which necessitated the adoption of a bifurcated down-tube. Later on in the 1920s Sunbeam followed the then fashionable trend to twin-port 'heads before reverting to a single-port design.

This Vintage-era Model 9 was purchased by the vendor approximately 50 years ago and was complete when acquired, albeit in need of attention. Some years later, the engine and gearbox were entrusted to well-known engineer Brian Thompson to be stripped and rebuilt. Following this mechanical refurbishment, the owner used the machine for a period of approximately a year but has not ridden it since. 'DH 6593' has not been used for approximately 30 years and will require re-commissioning prior to returning to the road with a new owner. The vendor advises us that missing parts not shown in the photographs will be available when the machine is offered for sale. Accompanying documentation consists of an old-style continuation logbook (issued August 1950), an old MoT certificate (expired 1986), sundry other papers and an old-style V5.

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