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Property of a deceased's estate
c.1928 Scott 596cc Flying Squirrel
Registration no. PMB 208
Frame no. unable to locate
Engine no. FY623A

This Vintage-era Scott Flying Squirrel has undergone extensive modification over the years, no doubt as a succession of owners attempted to keep it on the road, though with scant regard for originality. Although unstamped, the frame appears to be a long-wheelbase Flying Squirrel type from 1927/1928, which dates it to approximately the same year as the engine. Webb forks are fitted - the original forks would have been Scott kite type - while the fuel tank is from an early 1930s single-downtube Flying Squirrel and is supported at the rear only, with no front mount. A non-standard separate dynamo has been rigged up for the lighting, but the drive chain is missing; a Lucas magdyno or BTH equivalent would have been original equipment.

The hand gear change has been disconnected and replaced by what looks like a Sturmey Archer positive-stop foot operated mechanism. This has forced the rear brake pedal's relocation to the nearside via a cross shaft. Other non-standard features include the exhaust system (not correct for 1928), mudguards, tool box and handlebar levers. Offered for restoration and sold strictly as viewed, the machine comes with an old-style V5 registration document.

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United Kingdom
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