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Not registered, with papers.
VIN No. 13831_x000D_
Engine No. * 313909 *_x000D_
The Moto Rumi Company, founded in Bergamo in the 1950s from the inspiration and genius of artist Donnino Rumi. Thanks to its refined components and cutting-edge technical solutions of the time, it soon became a much sought-after brand name, famous for its light motorbikes with amazing performance, equipped with a ‘hissing’-type twin-cylinder 2-stroke engine with the cylinders arranged horizontally and the crankcases “cut” horizontally, a real refinement for the time, copied by the Japanese in more recent times for their GP and sports motorbikes. However, Donnino Rumi did not miss the opportunity to motorize the country and, given the strong demand for low-cost motor vehicles, he threw himself into the fray by proposing his vision of a scooter, with a vehicle that combined the practicality of the scooter with the performance characteristics of Rumi. The new model was called ‘Scoiattolo’ (Squirrel), equipped with a monocoque frame in stamped sheet metal, telescopic fork and hydraulic rear shock absorber; horizontal two-cylinder 2-stroke engine, fed by a 15 mm carburettor, a three-speed gearbox, which became four-speed in the later versions, and credited with a maximum power of 6 HP that made it a decidedly brilliant and very pleasant ride. An excellent opportunity to buy a piece of national two-wheel motoring history. Truly original aesthetics with a very powerful two-stroke engine with a truly captivating sound. Restored and presumably never used since. A general mechanical check is recommended before use.

Aste Bolaffi
Via Cavour 17
10123Torino  Torino