1956 Piaggio Vespa


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    1 km / 1 mi
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Among the various variations and applications of the Vespa, this unusual TAP model (Truppe Aero Paracadutate) was born in the early 1950s. Studied by Piaggio as a military vehicle for the French army's parachute troops, it was equipped with 1 cannon (without recoil, 75 mm, produced in the USA and used by all Atlantic Pact troops), 6 ammunition, 2 fuel tanks and a small cart. A vehicle that, despite the weight of 115 kg, had a high maneuverability that made it perfect as a light tactical vehicle. This Vespa was parachuted directly on the battlefield: for this it is reinforced with a tubular bumper to absorb the impact of the landing. The Piaggio 150cc engine guaranteed excellent reliability and a range of 200km. It represents a real collector's item, with a production of only 600 pieces between 1956 and 1959 in two colors: mimetic sand and mimetic green.
This perfectly preserved specimen is available in our showroom in Italy, Reggio Emilia.