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2000 GM 500cc Speedway Racing Motorcycle

Born in Italy in 1944, Giuseppe Marzotto had been a moto-cross competitor before switching to speedway, and began developing his own 'GM' speedway engine in the 1970s. A conventional upright design featuring four valves per cylinder and a single overhead camshaft, the first GM engine appeared in 1979 and claimed its first major title four years later, when Egon Muller won the World Speedway Final to become the 1983 World Champion. The company moved on to build engines for mounting in the now universal 'lay-down' position, and to date has won 63 World Championships in speedway and long-track racing. Indeed, Englishman Tai Woffinden used a GM engine to win his second World Speedway Championship in 2015. Unfortunately, nothing is known of this GM-powered speedway machine's racing history.