1940 Motorcycles Harley Davidson

WLA 45


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Coys Auction - Automoto D‘Epoca
Padova Fiera
Padova, Italy


Saturday 25th October 2008

Admission by catalogue only - admits two.

Harley-Davidson began producing motorcycles in 1903 and, despite the economic, social and political turbulence of the 20th century, it has continued to produce some of the most iconic and stylised motorcycles ever seen. In fact, the classic cruiser-style Harley is the most copied motorcycle in the world, with absolutely every bike manufacturer now emulating the essence of these bikes with a model of its own.

The WLA 45 was introduced as a military bike in 1940 (the A standing for Army) and was built in relatively large numbers for American forces as well as the Canadian army, notably, 30,000 WLAs were also shipped to Russia in the allied Lend-Lease program. The American army used these durable bikes mainly for police and escort work, courier duties, and some scouting, as well as limi