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Coys Auction - Grand Prix, Competition, Touring & Rally Cars and Collectors' Items
Autosport International - The Racing Car Show
National Exhibition Centre
B40 1NT UK
Saturday 16th January 2009
Collectors' Items at 12.30pm
Motor Cars at 3.00pm
Registration Number: LSU 258 Chassis Number: ZB3120195
The BSA B31, introduced in 1945, was the first new model introduced by the company after the Second World War. Based on pre-war designs, it used a single cylinder four stroke engine that displaced 348 cc (21.2 cu in). Initially, it had a rigid frame and telescopic forks, the first use of such on a BSA. It developed about 17 bhp, adequate for the roads of the day and enough to deliver a top speed of around 70 mph. The model continued in production until 1959, by which time the traditional Lucas magdyno had been replaced by an alternator and coil ignition.
Supplied with a V5 document and an MoT certificate valid until October 2010, this BSA is finished in green and is