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Frame no. 23249
Engine no. v 74912

The Moto Guzzi GTV 500 was born in 1934 and represents a turning point for the Mandello del Lario company, in fact it retired the old single-cylinder with opposed valves.
This new single-cylinder was characterized by the new distribution, in fact it was fitted with overhead valves with distribution by rods and rocker arms, and by a new four-speed gearbox (called “V”). The displacement remained at 500 c.c. like the previous models.
The frame was a double cradle in tubes, while as regards the suspensions, the GTV initially fitted a classic parallelogram fork with central spring, then replaced by a more modern telehydraulic unit. Rear suspension with elastic clutches then replaced by a "normal" swingarm with double lateral shock absorbers. Both drum brakes.
The engine produced a power of 22Cv and was able to push the motorcycle to a maximum speed of about 120km / h.
Production of the GTV ended in 1948, replaced by the Astore first and by the Falcone from 1950.

Our Guzzi GTV

- Italian motorcycle removed from public register, and original PG number plate.
- The engine, like all the mechanical parts and the chassis, is in excellent condition.
- 4-speed gearbox
- A beautiful model of 1947 preserved and maintained efficient.

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We can ship in Italy and abroad.

This motorcycle can be viewed at the Reggio Emilia Showroom and online, by booking a call with one of our sale operator, via the Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and Google Meet platforms.

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