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  • Famed motorcycle-builder Moto Guzzi’s take on the cargo trike
  • Galletto scooter-derived powertrain; 192-cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine
  • Unique surrey configuration with passenger bench seats and fabric top
  • A seldom-seen Italian utility vehicle ideal for resort or estate transportation
  • Fully restored in 2018

The Moto Guzzi Triporteurs were the motorcycle brand’s three-wheeled solution for the commercial market; introduced in 1928, these tricycles predated similar vehicles like the Piaggio Ape by decades, and they were even used by the Italian army during World War II. The rear load bed, which could be configured to meet a variety of needs, kept bulky cargo out of the line of sight of the rider, and their compact footprint and maneuverability made them useful in crowded cities.

Moto Guzzi built Triporteurs in a range of sizes, and the Ercolino, which launched in 1956, was toward the smaller end of the spectrum. The starting point for the Ercolino’s mechanicals was the Moto Guzzi Galletto scooter, which used a 192-cubic-centimenter single-cylinder two-stroke engine; designed with simplicity and economy in mind, a kick-starter was standard, with electric start offered as an option.

This 1959 example features the smaller, 10-inch wheels that were introduced for that year. It has been configured as a people-mover, with the cargo bed featuring two facing bench seats beneath a fabric surrey top. The bed is constructed of wood; further wood details continue on the body of the scooter, which is otherwise finished in cream, giving it a carefully considered and nicely finished appearance.

Restored in 2018, this appealing 1959 Moto Guzzi Ercolino is suitable for show; it would also make for ideal, distinctive transportation on an estate or resort property.
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