2011 Lauge Jensen Great Dane

Black & White


  • Year of manufacture 
  • Motorcycle type 
  • Mileage 
    250 km / 156 mi
  • Country VAT 
  • Condition 
  • Colour  
  • Location
  • Performance 
    90 PS / 67 kW / 89 BHP
  • Engine size (cc) 


Who would have thought that an apparently simple paint scheme in two basic colors, which are actually not colors at all, could end up so elegant and dramatic? It was certainly true in 2011, when Great Dane no. 61 came to be and after its paint job metamorphosed into Black & White. Despite its understated monochrome color scheme, Black & White nevertheless is both and appears unique in its simplicity. In fact, the designer was so pleased with the result that a sister machine was created in the same colors - but with the exact opposite use of black and white.Discreetly, the engine also reflects the theme using the Black & White tones as it is provided with the "Diamond Cut"-treatment in all aluminum ribs. The same degree of reproduction is found in the special alloy wheels, which also contain both black and white/silver and whose pattern of spokes is reproduced in the hubs.Even the seat stays within the color scale and uses only black and white. The only element that sits outside general twotone scheme is the large primary belt cover that breaks the color scheme with its dramatic black-anodised appearance, thus bringing a small element of anarchism into the artistic play of black and white organic shapes.