1986 Lamborghini Motorcycle Design 90

Boxer BIke


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AUTODROME is proud to present an extremely rare Lamborghini Motorcycle designed and buiilt as a result of a partnership between Lamborghini and the French leading-edge racing bike manufacturer Boxer-Bikes (engineer Claude Fior).

Boxer Bike has been famous since the seventies for their hand-built racing and sophisticated motorbikes, using aerospace-technology, ultra lightweight frames and offering the highest performance on two wheels.
In 1986, when Lamborghini decided that a motorcycle would bear their name, Boxer was chosen as the only partner capable of building the most desirable motorbike of the period : the Lamborghini Design 90, powered by a state-of-the-art, 4-cam, 4 valve per cylinder straight-4 engine.

The price asked when this machine was presented was twice as high as the one of the most famous high-end motorbike of the period. Availability in extremely limited number reinforced the myth of the Lamborghini bike. As specialists know, the Chief Engineer for this bike was Claude Fior, famous for his unique high-tech racing bikes, and that unfortunately died too young a few years ago.

With over 120 HP, less than 180 kg, a radical and voluptuous Countach-inspired style, this bike was only a dream for millions of Lamborghini and motorbike enthusiasts in the eighties.

No more than ten of these exclusive and ultra expensive motorbikes were ever built with the complete fiberglass aerodynamic bodywork, sharing the same inspiration as the world-famous "25th Anniversary" Countach (designed by Horacio Pagani). The removable rear seat cover allow taking a passenger for an occasional ride...
This example was recently featured in the famous Japanese classic Car magazine "Rosso" (please see our website).

The machine that we are presenting is complete (with constructor plate indicating Lamborghini type and chassis #) and in perfect condition. The previous owner is a professional racing mechanic who always maintained this machine as it should be, cosmetically and technically. It has been scarcely used with only 24.000 original kilometers.

Needless to say, such an opportunity to acquire this fascinating motorcycle in a perfect condition is probably unique, and will not be repeated. It will be a precious and indispensable addition to any important collection of classic "golden age" Lamborghini.

Offers considered. For more information and more Classics please visit : www.autodrome.fr.