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• Rare model, completely preserved
• Its conditions have been the same for 30 years
• Every part is original
Isothermos, in Bresso, founded by Renzo Rivolta in Genoa in 1938 and then moved to Bresso in 1942, was one of the most important Italian businesses of the post-war period. Famous initially for the production of refrigerators, it distinguished itself in the immediate post-war period after the Second World War for the construction of scooters and light motorcycles suitable for mass production. After the failure of the first scooter, the 65cc Ferret, ISO produced the Isocooter and the Isomoto, both equipped with a 125cc two-stroke engine with split piston. Introduced in 1949, the Iso Scooter was ISO's answer to the Vespa and contributed to mass motorisation in Italy during the reconstruction.
This 1953 model is perhaps one of the few Iso Scooters still in a complete state of preservation and still has all its original footpegs and knobs. Sold by a former Benelli and ISO mechanic to its current owner, it has been in the same collection for over 30 years. Always resident in the Marche region, it can be considered to all intents and purposes an interesting piece of Italian history.