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The Honda CB 750 Four (universally known as the Four) was showed for the first time in 1968 during the Tokyo Motor Show. In an era of twin cylinders and drum brakes, Honda presented a vehicle which was a turning point in the world of motorbikes. This revolutionary vehicle had disc brakes, a 5-speed gearbox and it could reach 200 kph. It is a sporty but comfortable and easy to handle bike, within everyone's reach thanks to the fantastic flexibility of use of the 4 Cylinder engine. The commercial success of the CB 750 Four was such that Honda had to redesign its industrial plan to meet customer demand: in the 1970s everyone wanted to own one. Nowadays it remains a pleasant and sporty bike. This specimen is perfect for out-of-town trips and hilly roads, where the most experienced motorcyclists can enjoy the curves. Fantastic in the saddle, even more beautiful on the stand, a joy for the eyes, an emblem of Japanese construction quality, with the chrome and the visible engine that dominates the era below the tank. The CB 750 Four is the progenitor of a philosophy, and if today's sports bikes have this architecture, the merit is largely due to its existence: ten years of record sales success in Honda racing and its legacy in the world of motorcycling deliver the CB 750 Four to the legend.
The motorbike is visible in our showroom in Reggio Emilia, Italy.