1959 Greeves

20TA Scottish


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Greeves 20TA Scottish
If you are a Scottish gentleman farmer (or, dream to be) and you have in your garage an Aston Martin (or, dream to own one), then you absolutely also need a Greeves trials motorbike to go and inspect your land on Sunday mornings.
The Greeves trials motorbike was a for its time very advanced piece of technology with unconventional rubber springing and suspension design. Connoisseurs nicknamed the front fork set-up the "Banana Leading Link" system. State of the art was the design of the chassis with a large "backbone" I-section cast alloy beam in silicon-aluminium alloy, which gave a phenomenal rigidity to the chassis frame and proved capable of standing up to the rough treatment of international off road trials competition.
Power came from a mono-cylinder Villiers Type 9E 197 cc twostroke engine.
Many competition successes (Manx Grand Prix, the Scott Trial, the European Trials Championship and the Scottish Six Days Trial) established Greeves' reputation as true off-road competition motorcycles.
This particular Greeves Scottish trials motorbike is in excellent fully operational condition and awaits to go off road sightseeing together with her future "gentleman farmer" owner. You?
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