Excelsior Autobyk


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Property of a deceased's estate
c.1939 Excelsior 98cc Autobyk
Registration no. LHX 982
Engine no. XX1197

Like most other pioneers of Britain's motorcycle industry Excelsior fitted European manufacturers' proprietary engines at first before turning to home-produced power plants - mainly Villiers, JAP and Blackburne. Acquired by R Walker & Sons in 1919, Excelsior moved from Coventry to Birmingham. The Walkers believed in the value of racing for development and publicity, and the revitalised company was soon making its mark in competition, early successes including a number of World Records set at Brooklands by Tony Worters on 250cc and 350cc JAP-engined machines in 1926. Excelsior offered an extensive range of machines in numerous different capacities throughout the 1920s and 1930s, the 98cc Villiers-powered Autobyk being the smallest in the range on its introduction for 1938. The model resumed production after WW2. There are no documents with this partially dismantled and incomplete Autobyk, which is offered for restoration and sold strictly as viewed.