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c.1951 Capriolo 75
Frame no. 07724
Engine no. 07797

Named after the roe deer, the Capriolo marque emerged in 1948 from the ashes of the giant Caproni group, formerly one of Italy's largest manufacturing concerns. Caproni had been founded in the 20th Century's first decade as an aircraft manufacturer, and only turned to motorcycle production after WW2. The firm commenced with a 50cc ultra-lightweight before swiftly moving on, in 1951, to a 75cc model, the Capriolo 75, which was notable for its use of a pressed-style frame and a four-stroke engine of the overhead 'face cam' type. The Carriolo 75 appears to be an earlier restoration, though its mechanical condition is not known. It would respond well to detailing (the speedometer and cable are missing and the rear light lens is cracked). There are no documents with this Lot, which is sold strictly as viewed.