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Engine & Frame numbers HE15191 BS50SS
ASI registration N. 19653
Power 26 HP at 5,650 rpm
Top speed 161 kph

The B50 SS 500 was produced for only two years in '71 and '72, due to the collapse of the BSA which closed its doors in 1973.
The Japanese of Yamaha were inspired by his lines for the XT 500, which represented the greatest commercial success of those years, to underline that the single-cylinder English scramblers were inimitable for charm and proportions.
Very few arrived in Italy, both because the scrambler fashion did not catch on very much, and because British motorcycles have always been very expensive and difficult to find, if not at the most famous dealers of the big Italian cities.

- Italian motorcycle with regular documents, ASI registered
- Restored respecting the original configuration
- Mechanics and frame in excellent condition
- Excellent painting
- New mufflers
- Rims and tires in good condition
- Smiths speedometer
- Lucas electrical system
- The engine starts easily and runs full and without loss of power.
- A bike still very current today for performance and handling.

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