1959 BMW Motorcycles R69


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    1 km / 1 mi
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Odometer reading 57390 kms
Two-cylinder boxer engine - 4-stroke
Power 35 HP
Electric ignition
Cardan transmission
Steel cradle frame
Drum brakes front and rear
Top Speed 175 Kph
FMI Certified

Since its presentation at the Brussels Motor Show in 1955, the R 69 immediately won the favor of the public, despite its high price, for its strong propensity for long-range touring, tackled at unknown averages for the time.
At BMW it was considered the turning point, especially for the innovative Earles fork that gave the beautiful R69 priceless comfort.
The transmission was the very strong cardan joint, with a sliding type joint that would remain unchanged until 1987, when the double joint was introduced.
The high-quality R69 could be combined with the classic Steib sidecar manufactured in Nuremberg, an option very popular in Northern European markets. Production of the very expensive R69 ended in 1960 with 2965 units produced, most of which destined for the US market.

- Motorcycle with regular documents, FMI Certified
- Restored in the original specification
- Mechanics and frame in excellent condition
- Painted in the original black livery with double white stripes
- Mufflers in excellent condition
- Rims and tires in very good condition
- The engine runs smooth

An iconic bike for true enthusiasts of the German brand, which still today express charm, strength and power.
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