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Frame 508373
Power supply 2 Amal 5/423 carburetors
4-speed gearbox
Maximum speed 140 kph
In 1938 BMW introduced the R51 to replace the R5.
The 494cc overhead valve engine of the R 51 used a one-piece tunnel box for distribution where the timing chains operated the two camshafts on each side of the crank, with the advantage of using significantly longer tappets and rods. court.
The Bosch generator with its power distributor and coil were positioned under the front engine hood.
The 4-speed transmission was controlled by the pedal on the left side, while the lever on the right was used to place the transmission in neutral. On the right side there is also a manual lever, mainly used to bring the transmission into neutral during stops.
On the front the R 51 was fitted with a telescopic fork, a real treat for the time, as well as the telescopic rear shock absorbers.

- Motorcycle restored respecting the original configuration
- Mechanics and frame in excellent condition
- Painted in the original black livery with double white profiles
- New mufflers
- Rims and tires in very good condition
- The engine runs full and without loss of power.

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