2017 BMW Motorcycles R1200R

Worldwide unique Custom Bike - "Spitfire" (incl. NoS sysstem & Flamethrower)


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    170 PS / 126 kW / 168 BHP
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VTR Customs BMW R1200 R LC – « Spitfire »

FOR SALE: One of the most famous custom bikes worldwide.

After several month of preparation and more than 1000 working hours the VTR Customs motorcycle „Spitfire“ celebrated its world premiere May 2018 in Monza.

In cooperation with BMW Motorrad Spitfire was one of two Factory bikes competing in the vintage 1/8 mile sprint racing scene “Sultans of Sprint” www.sultansofsprint.com

As a factory pilot BMW Motorrad and VTR decided to start with: Amelie Mooseder, VTR factory team member since 2016.

The combination of a stunning custom motorcycle in the look and feel of a vintage airplane together with a charming and very fast female pilot was the beginning of a still ongoing and outstanding media presence for BMW Motorrad and VTR customs.

The story of „Amelie and Spitfire“ was told around the world. The most famous motorcycle media as well as non-automotive magazines published the story of the girl and her fire spitting bike. Several magazines and books published Spitfire on their cover.
BMW Motorrad hired an external media agency to create a media clipping for the success of Spitfire:
- 57 mio. people worldwide has heard, seen or red about Spitfire
- The media value of all publications in common has a value of ~ 1,5 mio. $
An outstanding success for an automotive story in non-automotive media was achieved in the following media:
- Red Bull magazine (edition 2.5 mio.)
- Financial Express (1.2 Mio views)
- Spiegel Online magazine (5.2 mio views)
- Design Boom (Art & design platform, 137.000 views)
- Bikeexif.com (2.5 mio. followers, world largest custom bike platform) -> story: Bikeexif_Spitfire
- BMW Welt München – Key Motorbike at most popular tourist attraction in Bavaria (3,5 Mio visitors/ year)

Media clipping available on request.


Beside the media success Spitfire and Amelie achieved the following podium places during their participation 2018-2019 in the European vintage 1/8 mile drag racing championship: www.sultansofsprint.com

- 2018 2nd podium at the first Sultans of Sprint run 2018 in Monza Italy
- 2018 3rd podium in the overall Sultans of Sprint championship in 2018
- 2018 1st podium Sultans of Sprint Design Award 2018
- 2019 2 nd podium at the first Sultans of Sprint run in Monthléry France
- 2019 3rd podium in the second Sultans of Sprint run at Glemseck 101 Germany
- 2019 2 nd podium in the overall Sultans of Sprint championship in 2019
- 2019 1 st podium sound pressure contest, 123 Decibel

Design & concept

The Spitfire idea was born out of Dani Weidmann´s former profession as a mechanic for Second World War airplanes in combination with a sketch from Barbara Design motorcycles. It was supposed to be a fast looking, torpedo similar aluminum machine with the look and feel of an airplane. One thing was for sure from the very first beginning: This “thing” was not built for living rooms only, it was born to participate in the fastest racing scenes worldwide. VTR´s idea was to build the most stunning custom bike of all times. Due to that it was clear that the motorcycle shouldn´t only called “Spitfire” because of its airplane design. It should have the ability to spit real fire - “Spitfire” was born. By pressing the fire button the motorcycle can spit real flames through the exhaust up to 3 meters high. One more unique capability of the VTR custom bike.

Construction/ Technology:

Sticking to the idea to build the most stunning and fast looking VTR Custom of all times it was quite a challenge to turn all ideas into reality. The biggest challenge was to create the shape. Therefore it took quite a while to bring the material into the very complex form as it is today (max. high 90 cm.) Switzerland is very well known for its love on every single detail therefore the VTR team was very concentrated on authenticity as well as unique details in combination with outstanding design and Swiss craftsmanship. Original parts of a Spitfire airplane has been shipped from England to Switzerland and integrated in the cockpit of the motorcycle. Additionally every single aluminum plate is an in house art piece made by VTR Customs in Switzerland.

- Base: BMW R1200R, 2017 with Quickshifter, Traction Control and Drive modes PRO
- Customizing: 2017/2018
- Working hours: 1100 h
- Weight: 206 Kg
- Power: 170 hp / Torque 155 Nm (series: 125 hp/ 125 Nm)
- Series engine with NOS injection
- Mileage: 150 Km
- Aluminum shape handmade by VTR Customs
- Seat bench : handmade by VTR Customs & Yves Knobel
- Wheels and brakes: Series by BMW Motorrad
- Tires: Drag Race Slick Shinkoo
- Brake- and clutch lever : Magura HC3
- Handlebars : ABM Vario Clip customized
- Flame thrower activated my Aircraft toggle switch in the Cockpit
- Exhaust: Handmade by VTR Customs incl. fire adjustement (fully open)
- NOS system: Wizzard of NOS
- Transmission – Racing Moto GP
- Clutch – special manufactured race clutch by Suter Racing Switzerland
- Suspension rear end: no suspension (rigid steal)
- Fork: BMW series cutted down to 90 cm and 03cm suspension travel
- Cockpit: Original WWII Cockpit instruments of a Spifire from the Royal Aifrorce
- foot pegs : VTR Custom made
- fuel tank: hand made by VTR Customs (volume ca. 5 liters), under the seat bench

Asking Price:
- 89‘000.- USD

- VTR Motorrad AG, Schmerikon, Schwitzerland www.vtr-motorrad.ch
- Customizing Dept. VTR Customs www.vtr-customs.com (Marcel Brauchli)

Daniel Weidmann, CEO and Owner VTR Motorrad & VTR Customs