1975 Benelli 250


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The series two of the 125 and 250 cc versions of the “Sport Special” was introduced in early 1971. The model kept the bikes mechanics unchanged, but benefited from the new open-stem Marzocchi fork and the single-colour metallic blue, red, green, grey and bronze paint-jobs. The bike was equipped with higher semi handlebars as standard and an adjustable stance which allowed the driver to use more of a touring driving position. The production of MotoBi branded models was rather limited, and so they are more sought after by collectors. The frame used a single upper spine in pressed steel, making the bike streamlined and compact. On the technical side, it featured a horizontal four-stroke single-cylinder engine, putting out 16.5 hp at 7500 rpm, cylinder and head in light alloy, and overhead valves at 60° to each other.