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A Scott project,

comprising duplex type frame No. 3362M (c.1930); crankcase No. DPZ4498 (with evidence of re-stamping to nearside) with flywheel and cranks; two longstroke barrels (one with waterdome); a pair of pistons; a pair of crankcase of door straps and one crankcase door; a pair of transfer port casting (unfinished); a pair of cranks; a Pilgrim pump; two carburetors including 6/151 (complete with float chamber); the other 206/151 (incomplete); a gearbox No. W662; a gearbox undertray; a final drive sprocket (without rigger bracket); a magneto platform; a kickstart lever; a rear brake pedal; a gear change gate and lever; an Enfield type rear brake plate; an Enfield type hub with sprocket and another unfinished sprocket casting; a front mudguard; a set of girder forks, substantially complete requiring work; and two radiators (distressed).