Contact person: Iris Hummel
Paris, France

20 past auctions

15 October
Paris, 10 February
Le Mans, 09 July
Paris, 05 February
Paris, 01 November
Paris, 01 November
Monaco, 20 July
Paris, 22 June
Paris, 22 June
Paris, 06 February
Paris, 06 February
Paris, 02 November
Paris, 02 November
Le Mans, 05 July
Le Mans, 05 July
Paris, 08 February
Paris, 07 February
Paris, 09 December
Paris, 20 October
Monte Carlo, 23 July
Artcurial - Mercedes-Benz by Artcurial MotorcarsFR
Artcurial Motorcars - Retromobile 2017 FR
Artcurial Motorcars - Le Mans Classic Sale 2016FR
Artcurial - Retromobile 2016FR
Artcurial - Automobilia sale 2738FR
Artcurial - Automobiles sur les Champs 9 FR
Artcurial - The Estate of a Friend of Maria CallasFR
Artcurial Automobilia Sur Le Champs 8FR
Artcurial - Automobiles sur les Champs 8FR
Artcurial - Automobilia, 6th Feb 2015, Paris, FranceFR
Artcurial - Retromobile 2015 Sale, 6th Feb 2015, Paris, FranceFR
Artcurial, Automobilia, Nov 2 2014FR
Artcurial Motorcars - Automobiles sur les Champs VIIFR
Artcurial, Automobilia at Le Mans Classic, July 5th 2014FR
Artcurial, Le Mans Classic 2014, July 5th 2014FR
Solo Alfa by Artcurial MotorcarsFR
Retromobile by Artcurial MotorcarsFR
Artcurial - Tin, Curiosities, Natural History, Taxidermy 9th December 2013 FR
Artcurial Motorcars – Automobiles sur les Champs VI FR
Artcurial – Fine Watches Monte Carlo 2013MC

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