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Zwakman Motors

The classic car dealer Zwakman, of Alkmaar, The Netherlands, has been the first choice for enthusiasts for over thirty years. The company was founded in 1974 by Tom Zwakman, and is a specialised dealer for Jaguar (the leading experts for the SS series) and Aston Martin.

"I am a very passionate man, when it comes to Jaguar and Aston and I have spent the last 32 years, six days a week, at work to be there for my clients and to make their dream come true" says Zwakman.

This is the main reason why so many of his customers have remained loyal to him for decades.

He has a team of twelve employees, some of them working for him more then 20 years, who guarantee first-class service and outstanding assistance. In 1999 a new 200 sq mt showroom was opened, which was individually designed by Mr. Zwakman to provide enough space for around 60 Jaguar and Aston Martin cars.

Zwakman pays a lot of attention to an original restoration, so the selling of the cars is as important as the restoration and rebuilding of the engines.

If you need assistance with your racing car, Zwakman is the right partner for you as well; besides classics he also focuses on racing and rally cars too. The company owns one of the most advanced engine workshops in Europe for Jaguar and Aston Martin. To assure a high standard of quality, all work (without exception) is carried out on his own premises. In addition, the company has a comprehensive stock of car parts and accessories. Many are original parts for the SS-series and for Jaguars from 1932 to 1975.

"No poor reproduction parts will be used, even if there are no original parts around, to make sure the pleasure you get from your nice car is not affected by bad materials." If you have special requests the company is also willing to help quickly. "If you are looking for a certain part for your car, just send us a fax or a e-mail, and if we cannot find it in our stock of 650 engines and 350 gearboxes we will try everything else possible to get the piece for you" explains Zwakman.

"We not only have a great interest in classic cars, but in prototypes and one-off cars as well, therefore we have a huge network and useful contacts because of our long lasting co-operation with our partners, so that we are always able to fully satisfy our customers wishes."

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Zwakman Motors Europe
Hamsterkoog 1
1822 CD Alkmaar, Holland
Tel. +31 (0)72 5641882
Fax. +31 (0)72 5645721
eMail: [email protected]

Text: Wiebke Riess
Photos: Zwakman Motors

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