Yachts with Very Important Provenance set sail for the 2016 Corsica Classic

This weekend, the seventh annual Corsica Classic regatta takes to the seas for a week-long circuit around the Isle of Beauty. This year, several notable VIP guests of maritime origin will be joining the grand voyage…

With this year’s grid almost double the size of the event’s line-up just two years ago, it’s clear that word of the Corsica Classic – with its unmolested scenery and exceptional mooring locations – has reached the right people. Building on its success, it’s now been extended into a fortnight, with the usual week-long regatta competition followed by a voyage to Saint-Florent for a three-day regatta in the second week.

Sea of Dreams

Sailing enthusiast and two-times Corsica Classic winning Tara Getty will return with Skylark, the famous L.A. Yacht Club flagship and nemesis to Humphrey Bogart’s Santana. New to the classic class this year is Manitou, whose popularity sky-rocketed when President Kennedy appointed it the official presidential yacht soon after taking office, subsequently earning it the nickname ‘The Floating White House’. Meanwhile, Briseïs, an electric-powered 13m yacht built for Louis Renault in the 1930s is scheduled to compete in the vintage class, while Le Belem, the French tallship celebrating its 120th birthday this year, will be following a large portion of the route at its own, non-competitive pace.

Photo: Corsica Classic / Jan Baedeker / Lionel Gasperini

For further information, visit the Corsica Classic website. You can find a variety of classic sailing boats for sale in the Classic Driver Market.